From Miami to Lund with a flair for languages

Born in Miami, I grew up in South Florida without ever really appreciating the tropical climate, opening a window, or even seeing snow. But that would all change when I moved to Sweden a couple years after meeting my wife at a summer camp there. Given the low expectations on me compared with fellow expats in Sweden, many people were astonished with how quickly I excelled at Swedish. Next, I also studied German and other languages at Lund University.




Translation from the bottom up

In 2009, I started Friedman Translation Services and my translation career began. Over time, I accumulated solid experience from translation agency projects, but I longed for more important projects that demanded and brought out the best in my work. To achieve this, I knew I’d need to strengthen my specializations and get my own clients, so I put effort into learning IFRS inside and out. I also moved to offices at Ideon Science Park in Lund and spent more time networking. As a result, I earned the trust of increasingly prestigious clients over time and upgraded to a corporation (aktiebolag) in 2017.


Deep dive into tech copywriting

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed using computers and felt that learning new technology comes easy to me. In parallel with my translation work, I also developed an interest in copywriting, which was partly why I rebranded to Friedman Strategic Copy in 2018. Since then, after translating an entire book on the digital workplace, I’ve translated several highly praised e-books on topics including AI, the modern workplace, and cloud security

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Becoming the hands-down choice in my field

Every day, I strive to keep getting better at writing, editing, and translating while increasingly honing my finance and tech knowledge. My aspiration is to become the hands-down choice in my field, especially for tech copywriting and financial translation. Doing work I can be proud of that also adds great value for my clients is what fuels my desire to do this for the rest of my career. Given that I’m in it for the long haul, I‘m out to build long-term client relationships that allow me to grow with businesses over time.


Selected CPD activities

  • Course: External financial statement analysis
    Instructors: Niklas Sandell, Jörgen Carlsson et al.
    Organizer: Executive Foundation Lund
  • Course: Writing for the web
    Instructor: Anna Sandahl
    Organizer: Grafiska Akademin
  • Course: Investor relations
    Instructors: Peter Benson and Mikaela Idermark
    Organizer: Sveriges Kommunikatörer
  • Course: Entrepreneurship program
    Instructors: Per Garvell et al.
    Organizer: Lunds nyföretagarcentrum
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