From Miami to Lund – from sole trader in home office to corporation in city

Hailing from South Florida, I moved to Sweden in 2007 to study languages at Lund University. My translation career began in 2009 when I started Friedman Translation Services, and in 2011, I founded Lund Translation Team, a group of independent translators jointly marketing their services. I’ve had an office in Lund Entrepreneurship Center (LNC) at Ideon Science Park since 2013 and incorporated (AB in Sweden) in 2017 to accommodate the growth of my business. In 2018, rising demand for my translation services and an increasing focus on copywriting and copyediting services prompted me to wrap up Lund Translation Team and rebrand as Friedman Strategic Copy AB.


Selected translator association activities

  • CPD Committee, January 2016–August 2017, SFÖ
  • Networking Committee for Southern Sweden, March 2014–August 2017, SFÖ
  • Marketing Committee, April 2013–December 2014, SFÖ
  • Nominatingi Committee, April 2016–April 2019 (chair since 2017), SFÖ
  • SLAM! Executive Committee 2016
  • Vice-Chair, SLAM! Executive Committee 2018/li>
  • Editor and writer for The Savvy Newcomer since 2014, ATA

Selected CPD activities

  • Entrepreneurship program, organized by Lunds Nyföretagarcentrum, 2013
  • Course in external financial statement analysis, organized by Executive Foundation Lund, 2017
  • Course in writing for the web by Anna Sandahl, Resultify, organized by Grafiska Akademin, 2016
  • Course in investor relations by Peter Benson and Mikaela Idermark, organized by the Swedish Communication Association (Sveriges Kommunikatörer), 2018
  • Course in pitching by Neal Greenspan
  • Email Marketing Evolved (EME), a conference organized by Apsis, 2016