No margin for error

C-level executives won’t give your copy the time of day unless it clearly addresses their concerns and helps them solve their problems. This means there is no margin for error. A copywriter that doesn’t understand your technology inside and out and how to communicate its value to the C-suite will leave your sales falling flat.

Benefits of choosing me

  • More leads with tailored awareness and consideration stage content
  • Accuracy because I know how to communicate the value of your high-tech solutions
  • Consistent branding with established terminology and tone
  • Added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

Selected past copywriting projects

  • Client: Columbus Global
    Content: E-book on IIoT & field service
  • Client: Innofactor
    Content: E-book and blog post on the modern workplace
  • Client: STORViX
    Content: Company presentation, product descriptions & case studies

High-tech copy for C-level execs

I specialize in tech copy targeting C-level executives and have proven experience writing awareness and consideration stage e-books and blog posts along with company presentations, product descriptions, and case studies. I also write other types of content when I am confident I can do an excellent job. Otherwise, I may have a suitable contact for you (read more in my core values).