Do you have the right people, performing the right services, with the right skills at the right time to maximize value in translation, copywriting, or copyediting projects? My core values represent my commitment to combat the rampant anonymity, inconsistent quality, and unnecessary complexity frequently encountered in these services.

I only accept projects where I am confident I can do an excellent job and can document why. If I am aware of someone better suited for a project than me because of the subject matter, timing, or similar parameters, I will not hesitate to make a referral.

As part of my Collaborative Translation Process, I regularly work with a colleague either to edit my translation, or to perform the initial translation that I then edit. I prioritize being able to share the name of whoever I collaborate with on your project and to specify the services to be rendered in as much detail as possible so you know exactly what you’re getting.

I take responsibility for my work by sharing samples of my past work with you in advance of your project, signing my name whenever appropriate, and helping make sure projects achieve their desired outcome even after delivery.