An equally true and fair view in English

What happens when the tone or meaning of price-sensitive information gets even just slightly lost in translation? International investors could end up getting either more positive or more negative signals than their Swedish counterparts, which is simply not fair. In addition, mistranslations of key accounting terms, unclear wording, and Swinglish are just a few of the mishaps that can make it difficult for international investors to come to the same conclusions as the Swedish investors.


  • More investments due to greater interest from international investors
  • A sense of security by minimizing the risk of rulebook breaches
  • Delivery reliability thanks to effective processing of changes and the capability to meet critical deadlines
  • Added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

Leave nothing to chance

For the back of a financial report, I use the most standard and accurate accounting terms with clear and readable wording. For the front, I ensure that statements about the company’s business do not read like a translation but rather flow naturally and leave an equally strong impression on the reader as the Swedish text. I am also careful with price-sensitive information and consult with you to ensure we get it right. Managing changes between versions as conveniently and effectively as possible is one of the ways I help reduce your stress level.

What separates me from the pack

It’s not that hard to find someone who knows IFRS accounting terminology. Or someone who can write compelling English copy about a listed company’s business. Or someone with a profound understanding of the nuances of the original Swedish, the true meaning behind the words. But it can be a real challenge to find one person that masters all these skills simultaneously, and that sets me apart from the competition. Read about my approach to translation, copyediting, and copywriting and contact me for a quote.

Selected past financial communications projects

  • Client: Sparbanken Skåne
    Content: Interim reports
    Service: Translation
  • Client: CybAero AB
    Content: 2016 Annual Report
    Swedish original English translation
  • Client: Kulturen AB
    Content: Financial statements
    Service: Translation