Can international readers see the benefits of your awesome features?

You may have the best solution in the world, but that won’t get you very far if no one knows what they can get out of it. As a tech enthusiast, I understand your business and solutions well enough to strategically highlight the benefits to your customers. I can assist you with copywriting, translation or copyediting, and I am particularly experienced with content about the digital workplace, ICT, and the GDPR. Contact me for a quote.


  • Increased sales from clear communication of benefits
  • Competitive edge because your English will outshine your competitors’
  • Accuracy because I understand your business and your technology
  • Added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

The digital workplace

Translating Digital Workplace Strategy & Design to English required me to master concepts including service design, service thinking, employee journeys, digital solutions, digital capabilities, user experience, and digital platforms. Additionally, I have been inspired by the book to strive for a value-centric, user-centered, holistic, and iterative approach to my work.

GDPR and contracts

I have solid experience with the text of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and standard contract clauses in both Swedish and English. I also have firsthand knowledge of the GDPR from my efforts to apply it in my own business.


Ever since its early days, I have been an Urban ICT Arena Associated Partner and have translated and edited copy about many innovative projects in information and communications technology (ICT), digitalization, and the smart city. These include everything from smart bus stops, self-driving buses, and drones, to 5G, dark fiber, and 6LoWPAN.

Selected past IT projects

  • Client: Unicorn Titans
    Content: Digital Workplace Strategy & Design
    Swedish original English translations
    Service: Translation
  • Client: Aditro
    Content: Part of GDPR page
    Service: Copywriting
  • Client: Brightvision
    Content: E-book on cloud governance
    Service: Copywriting
  • Clients: Global Challenges Foundation, Kista Science City and Wackes
    Content: Data processing agreements
    Service: Translation
  • Clients: Global Challenges Foundation, Kista Science City and Stiftelsen Friends
    Content: Privacy policies
    Service: Translation
  • Client: Urban ICT Arena
    Content: Project agreements
    Service: Translation