Are you playng Russian roulette with your translations?

Working with an anonymous translator through an intermediary can be like playing Russian roulette – you never know what you’ll get. And just like with roulette, you may not get the same person or quality next time around – even if you got lucky at first.


  • Consistent branding because I am always personally involved and establish terminology and tone
  • Consistent quality because you know who I am, how I work, and what I offer
  • Consistent deliveries because I can switch roles with my colleague to remain flexible
  • Consistent added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

No surprises

For starters, I craft a thorough brief about your business and target group to make sure I know you. In my Collaborative Translation Process, I serve as either the translator or the editor and team up with a colleague with matching expertise and experience to fill the other role. This is all documented in a quote, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting. The only way you may be surprised is by how impressed your international clients are with your new English copy!

Am I the right choice for you?

If you need a translation from Swedish to English in financial communications, IT, or web copy, then you’ve come to the right place. Contact me even if you have another type of text – I only accept projects where I am confident I can do an excellent job and can document why. Otherwise, I may have a good contact to refer to you or collaborate with (read more in my core values). Or read my insider tips for finding the right translator yourself.

Selected past translation projects

Collaborative Translation Process

  1. Translation
    1. Translator prepares a rough draft
    2. Translator researches terms, edits draft, and identifies points requiring clarification

  2. Editing
    1. Editor proofreads translation against original document
    2. Editor copyedits translation to improve wording and readability while addressing points requiring clarification

  3. Pre-delivery consultations
    1. My colleague and I discuss outstanding questions
    2. We prepare questions, comments, and suggestions for you in conjunction with delivery

  4. Revision round
    1. We respond to any questions and suggestions you might have and help you find the best way to implement changes
    2. Updated delivery

  5. Final proofing
    1. The translation is proofread in its final layout