Don’t play Russian roulette with translation

Working with an anonymous translator through a translation agency can be like playing Russian roulette – you never know what you’ll get. Even if you were lucky the first time around, you might not get the same person or the same quality the next time you need a translator.

Benefits of choosing me

  • Consistent branding with established terminology and tone
  • Consistent quality because you know who I am and what I offer
  • Consistent delivery because I can switch roles with my editor to remain flexible
  • Consistent added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

Selected past translation projects

Finance and tech expertise

I specialize in translating financial and tech communications from Swedish to English and have been translating since 2009. I also translate other types of content when I am confident I can do an excellent job. Otherwise, I may have a suitable contact for you (read more in my core values). Or read my insider tips on how to find the right translator.