Did I catch your interest?

Web copy only has a few seconds to catch a visitor’s interest. If the relevance, length, and wording aren’t just right, the visitor could easily end up skipping your text entirely. And poor English could very well make them lose interest and bounce almost immediately.


  • Lower bounce rate with relevant headings and copy
  • More conversions with strategic placement of links and CTAs
  • Saved time thanks to efficient processing of file formats
  • Added value through suggestions for improvement and language consulting

User-friendly structure with concise message

When writing for the web, I make a point of delving into your business so I can capture its essence in just a few words. I also give it a user-friendly structure to make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for and grasp your message. Read more about my approach to copywriting.

Target group adaptation with right length

When translating or editing web copy, I take into account differences between the Swedish target group and the relevant English-speaking target group. Ensuring the right length and persuasiveness of headings, buttons, and the like is also an important part of my strategy, as these can easily get lost in translation. Read more about my approach to translation and copyediting.

Stop copying and pasting all day long!

Why should anyone have to spend a substantial amount of time copying and pasting texts to and from a website when there are other options? For example, I can translate tagged HTML files such as XML that can be exported from websites. Then I deliver them with the HTML intact so they can be reimported (see the full list of file formats my software can process). I’m also used to working directly in CMSs and will work closely with you and your web developer to find the most efficient solution for everyone.

Selected past web copy projects

  • Client: Steel Pool Sweden AB
    Content: Website
    Service: Translation

  • Client: Aditro
    Content: Part of GDPR web page
    Service: Copywriting

  • Client: Photowall
    Content: Web copy
    Service: Translation

  • Client: Urban ICT Arena
    Content: Web copy
    Service: Copyediting